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BAR Coffee Scoop & Clip

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It is a coffee measuring spoon with a clip. That stainless spoon is a simple design product but very functional. If you close the coffee bean bag with the clip part, you can quickly scoop coffee at any time. For whole bean coffee, 1 scoop would be about 6g, and for ground coffee powder, you can scoop the approximate 4.5g in 1 spoon. You can easily scoop one cup of coffee beans with two scoops. It can be used not only as a coffee measure but also as a tablespoon spoon. Since the handle is long, it is easy to scoop from a bag. It is a great way to enjoy brewing coffee.

 Product Details

◯BAR / Coffee Scoop & Clip
【JAN code】4942334014345
【Price】¥1000(tax excluded)/¥1100(tax included)
【Material】18-8 stainless steel


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