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About Casual Product

"It's fun to have! New discoveries are here." Casual products are a brand that offers kitchenware suitable for a comfortable space where you can spend a meaningful time together.
At casual breaks every day, you can find items that are fashionable and convenient to use for hospitality at home parties.
"I want to feel like a barista at home!" "I want to serve delicious cocktails like a bartender!" Casual products are lined up with discerning items that professionals also love.
For more comfortable everyday, start with casual products that "make a little difference". We will propose your own lifestyle.
Please go ahead and take your time to enjoy shopping.

CASUAL PRODUCT official online store


"It would be fun to have it! There’s a new discovery here "
CASUAL PRODUCT is a Japanese brand that offers kitchenware which suitable for a comfortable place and meaningful time. For regular breaks during the day, home parties, you can find items that are fashionable and useful.
"Feel like a barista at home!"
"Serve a delicious cocktail like a bartender!"
CASUCAL PRODUCT is available with many items that even professionals love.
You will find here some of the most useful kitchen ware for more comfortable life.
We will offer you a lifestyle and goods that you like.
Please enjoy shopping with us!