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ティーキャディースプーン レードル

460  (税抜)
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It is a tea caddy spoon made from high quality stainless steel. It is beautiful simple shape and with a long handle. The ladle shape allows you to take out tea leaves from a long container easily. You can scoop about 4g of tea leaves with 1 scoop. You can choose from two colors, silver plating with an elegant shine and pink gold with a lovely calm shine. It is perfect for small gifts for tea lovers, wedding gifts and celebrations.

 Product Detail

◯Tea Caddy Spoon (Ladle) Silver
【JAN code】4942334019111
【Price】¥460(tax excluded)/¥506(tax included)
【Material】Stainless steel (silver plated))

◯Tea Caddy Spoon (Ladle) Pink Gold
【JAN code】4942334510816
【Price】¥750(tax excluded)/¥825(tax included)
【Material】Stainless steel (pink gold plating)